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Think of Lowdefy as everything you need to create a UI and talk to your data. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to create data enriched web apps.

To do this, we automate and standardize all elements between what your users interact with and where your data resides.

Everything on Lowdefy is standard in, standard out. So you do not have to stress about keeping all the bits in the right place.

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The Lowdefy Platform


A block can be a chart, table, form input or any front end component. Each block has properties to control how it works.

Blocks are placed on pages, all using the same page state. This enables you to build powerful tools like live analytics dashboards, or a data capture survey with options filled with live backend data.

Lowdefy hydrates your blocks with data served by your connections. With our easy templating you can use the same block definitions on multiple pages.

If you are looking for a more specific block, you can always code React components and included them as custom blocks in your project.

Learn more in the Lowdefy docs  


A connection is a link to an outside service, like a database or API. Lowdefy makes it easy to talk to these connections by using properties and operators to execute any desired request.

The various connection types support different requests, like talking to a SQL database or querying a public API endpoint.

Secrets for connections are stored securely in the your Lowdefy owner console - never stored in the project repository.

Lowdefy has a standard connection input and output format which makes it possible for you to extend your Lowdefy project with a connection specific to your business.

Learn more in the Lowdefy docs  

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Security and Deployments

Each Lowdefy application is deployed in its own AWS account for maximum security and data separation. Lowdefy never stores any data passing to and from your connections. We only cache your repository code in the deployment AWS account.

Start with a simple single deployment by connecting a repository, or duplicate your deployment as many times as you need all from one repository.

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  User authentication and access control

  Serverless scaling and redundancy

  Version control of all changes

  Staging branches for easy testing

  Customization and white labeling

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