Build internal tools with YAML

An open-source low-code framework to build web apps, admin panels, BI dashboards, workflows, and CRUD apps with ease.


Build great UIs with ease

Lowdefy provides you all the blocks you need to get started fast. Easily assemble custom web apps that fit your exact needs.

  • Build UIs with YAML that is easy to read and write.
  • Dynamic UIs with simple state management.
  • Mobile friendly and responsive layouts out of the box.
  • Make custom YAML nunjucks templates which enable reusability.

Why not give it a try?

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Connect to your data and apps

Make API calls to existing services or read and write from your databases. Create web apps, internal tools, admin consoles, BI dashboards, and more.

  • Build dynamic queries using variables and logic operators.
  • Access a shared state between client and server.
  • Securely use secrets like passwords and API keys.

We are continuously creating more connectors, add the ones you need to the voting board. Custom connectors are coming soon.


Lowdefy is an open-source framework

Build future proof apps on a open framework with no lock-in.

  • Host your app where you want, in cloud or on premise.
  • You do not depend on us, run and manage your own apps.
  • No need to share your keys or passwords with anyone.
See how to deploy to Netlify.

Create web apps faster

Utilize your preferred developer tools and best practices.

Easy readable and writeable YAML

Lowdefy config is easy to learn, understand and remember. Use your favorite editor and source control tools to edit config. Yes, you can copy, paste, find, replace, use linters, nothing is nested behind a GUI.

Open-source your apps and learn from others

Copy configuration from previous apps or reuse configuration from open-source projects, even join others and build amazing open-source apps. Internal tools can now be open source.

Templates that organize your apps at scale

Organize your configuration in folders and define templates to create reusable elements custom to your apps, or write scripts in your favorite language to efficiently manage and scale multiple apps.

Use the source control and CI tools you love

Use git to manage your configuration, review and merge changes, and run development versions of your app before deploying to production. Use the CI processes that your team are familiar with to manage your apps.

Want to do more?

Make custom blocks in React

Lowdefy uses Webpack module federation to serve blocks as micro-frontends. You can use open-source blocks from npm or host private custom blocks.

Visit our docs to learn how

Want to create a Lowdefy app?

Follow our easy getting started tutorial.