Apps are just made of blocks.

You can build things with blocks, right?

Lowdefy gives you all the building blocks to create a custom web app in minutes

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Read from any source, write data to any source

No pipelines. No duplication. No mess.

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Define your Lowdefy blocks

Write the building blocks of your apps using simple component definitions or clone an existing Lowdefy project repository.

Connect your repository

Connect your Lowdefy Github repository, load your data connection secrets and minutes later your app is live.

Customize, grow and share

Make commits to modify your app, add new users, create custom blocks and connections, open source and share your ideas.

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Vehicle Damage Management
Vehicle Damage Management

A franchise business model has its advantages, but in some cases head office has limited control over how owners apply business processes. Implementing a data process management tool which reduces user input variability results in more consistent and controlled business outcomes.

Call Center Automation
Call Center Automation

The success of call center operations can be tracked by three measurables: accuracy, efficiency and amiability. With the successful implementation of a fully automated data process both accuracy and efficiency spiked, as for amiability or friendliness, a little bit of sweet culture goes a long way.

Keep adding blocks and build your business

Build an app that tracks your team's progress and close support tickets

Add a form to capture sales and stock levels to generate live reports

Query customer feedback from multiple sources into one live dashboard

Focus on your data, process and user experience. We'll take care of the rest

Everything you need to go from zero to live

Granular Access for Unlimited Users
Zero Maintenance, Zero Headaches
Blocks Tested and Used by Everyone
Templates that Promote Consistency
Version Control and Staging Branches
White Labeled, Build Your Brand
Secure, Scalable All Things You Expect
Extendable With Custom Blocks

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